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Rountree Consulting offers accounting for the individual including financial assessment for tax planning, projections and liabilities.
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Rountree Consulting provides full service accounting for all business, with complete financial assessments for the best tax position.
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Rountree Consulting Inc., established in 1997 by Michael D. Rountree, with a pledge to make "life long friends not one time clients."
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Purchase - When considering the purchase of a business, expert help in the assessment of that business is paramount.
Sales - We will help you to make informed decisions and develop strategies to complete the transaction.
Financial Restructuring - From lenders to implementation, your company can continue to grow and thrive.
Fund-Raising - We have the ability to help companies looking to raise cash through capital investment or debt.
Forensic Accounting - The need to review accounting practices occurs on many occasions: Business purchases, Partner Buyouts, Divorce Proceedings and any number of other circumstances.
Rountree Consulting Forensic Accounting
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