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Rountree Corporate Advisory provides corporate and investor advisory services to small/mid-sized private and public companies and individual/family office/institutional investors.  We leverage our combined 40+ years of management consulting; corporate finance; investment banking; private equity; and diverse entrepreneurial and business experiences to address the following needs of our clients:

  1. Assessing the current “health” of a business by determining how the organization is tracking to the objectives of management and/or investors (e.g., revenue enhancement, cost management, operational improvement, strategy, sales & marketing)
  2. Identifying and implementing targeted, high-impact improvements to a business in order to best achieve the objectives of management and/or investors
  3. Successfully completing transactions that support the objectives of management and/or investors (e.g., raising capital, re-capitalizations, exit/succession, mergers & acquisitions)
We’ve built our practice around our experiences and our access to a truly global network of senior relationships at venture capital firms; private equity firms; Fortune 500 companies; hedge funds; investment banks; and consulting firms.  Our methodology incorporates McKinsey & Company’s proven fact-based, systematic consulting process; our own business experiences; and the extensive knowledge, reach, and services contained within our network.  In combination, this allows us to be impactful, efficient, and cost-effective to our clients.

Our Clients

Our clients generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Private companies with revenues of $5mm to $75mm
    Start-up companies that have a compelling technology and/or business model and have received market validation via some form of revenue run rate
  • Publicly-traded companies with a market-capitalization of up to $100mm
  • Due to our broad network, diverse business experiences, and the fact that we are quick studies of new industries and business models, we have the flexibility to be industry generalists.  Thus, our clients represent a broad spectrum of business stages and company structures and have come from industries as diverse as technology (software and hardware); financial services; manufacturing; private equity; and life sciences (with an emphasis in medical devices and diagnostics).

Our Services

We provide three distinct consulting services to our clients:

  1. Business Review
  2. Business Improvement
  3. Transaction Advisory