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When considering the purchase of a business, expert help in the assessment of that business and its procedures, client list, and stated cash flow is paramount. We can assess a business or aid your search for a suitable target. If interested, we will produce a complete business analysis and assist in negotiations by developing with you the deal structure and managing the completion of the deal.


A trusted hand can be very beneficial when considering selling your business. Do you have a buyer? Are your books in order and organized to be attractive? Have you done a complete business analysis? We will help you to make informed decisions and develop with you strategies, deal structure, and financial presentations that will begin and complete the transaction.

Financial Restructuring

An experienced, creative approach can propel your company. Analysis of your balance sheet and prevailing situation is just the beginning. We will develop with you a plan of attack, with a series of directions to pursue, that will take into account the business’s needs today and into the future. From lenders to implementation, your company can continue to grow and thrive with a balanced, well conceived approach.


We have the ability to help companies looking to raise cash through capital investment or debt.  Whether it is a bootstrapping technique you need or are looking for advice in the search and preparation for Equity Investors, experience is a necessity. Our network of contacts in banking, investments and deal-making will be more than beneficial in finding a way to infuse capital into your business.